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Sofanyama Kunda Youth Music Studio Project

Kreatör: Sofanyama Sweden Musik / Ljud / Klubb / Konsert

Support young and aspiring musicians in The Gambia through our studio in Brikama!


The Gambia has a strong musical tradition and music is central to many young people in the country. The fusion between traditional and modern styles such as hip hop, reggae, mballax and dancehall makes The Gambia a unique place for music. However, the opportunities to record professionally in the country are limited. Many musicians see other distant places (for example Senegal and Europe) as their only option which means that many musicians leave the country to pursue their careers and job opportunities related to music production are lost. Young people are the future of The Gambia, and their voices and stories need space to thrive and be heard. There are not many places for the youth to explore their musical creativity and give voice to their stories. The lack of creative spaces also leads to the potential of the youth being lost to unemployment and in worst cases crime.


We want to change this.


 By providing a creative space where young Gambians with an interest in music will join workshops in collaboration with professional musicians. The workshops will make it possible for them to engage in music production, songwriting, vocal and instrumental training. Meanwhile, we will also provide professional training for two ambitious studio engineer students giving them hands on experience in recording, mixing and mastering sound.

This means that we will be able to provide a professional recording studio to the youth of Brikama, Kembujeh and beyond. This will take us one step closer to a sustainable platform where the engineers and youth can continue to set up music workshops on a regular basis providing a more permanent solution for musicians/youths and children to meet, record and produce their own music.


Music has always played a big role  to gambians lives, it has worked as a way of gathering people, education and storytelling. Here the youth carry on using their voices and  passion for music to keep telling stories. Through this studio their stories will be told and available for a bigger audience.

 How can you help?

Well, we need all the support we can get!  By giving a donation and being a sponsor you will equip aspiring youth with the tools needed to write songs, play instruments and produce their own songs while educating two sound engineers to a professional level. By spreading the word and sharing this project you will help us reach out to as many as possible.

You will not only help create an opportunity for children aspiring to become musicians to engage themselves, you are supporting a whole community. This project will mean short term employments for the tutors who are all local musicians as well as supporting other roles related to the project.

When the project is finished we can leave it in the hands of two newly educated engineers funded by YOU to carry on operating the studio on a professional level!

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